Artist's statement

My work explores a shifting line between chaos, order, abstraction and representation. I use disparate found objects and symbols to create new worlds — miniature landscapes, reliquaries, and intimate environments — where meaning is highly personal and scale is often ambiguous.

With my small sculpture, monoprint, and collage, I often repurpose elements from one piece for use in another, just as I repurpose objects found at the ocean, in the garden, or at the hardware store and combine them into something untried. I find this reinvention and renewal to be challenging, full of hope, and endlessly satisfying.

The repeating elements in my work — the ocean, birds, houses, pears, and maps — have resonated for me since childhood. I associate them all with something both familiar and mysterious — another shifting line that I trust will never be completely resolved.


I received a BFA in printmaking from Mass. College of Art, and an MFA in drawing and printmaking from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

I have taught drawing since 1993 in the Rhode Island School of Design pre-college summer program. I have also taught drawing in the Museum School's continuing education program, Arts Lexington, the Fuller Museum School, and the Danforth Museum School.

I have worked as an artist-in-residence at high schools and elementary schools in Massachusetts, and at the American Air Force Schools in England. I exhibit both locally and nationally.